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News & Gossip, Pix & Links - 8/22/08



Just a reminder as you look ahead to next week:

We're meeting MONDAY  AUG 25th at 6:30 pm in Geneva at Sanfratello's Restaurant, corner of State (aka Roosevelt Rd) and River (1st street west of the river, downhill from the stoplight at 1st).

Parking is off River St. to the north, behind the restaurant. 

 See details in the note below. 

 Write back or call if you have questions, concerns, suggestions, consternations, ideas, grievances... 

And kindly FORWARD this note to anyone you'd like to have join us or whoever I missed.  Whomever. 


Come hungry and/or thirsty.


Janet <janetburlison@comcast.net>

Classes of 67 and 68  40th Reunion: next (and last!) planning meeting.

Date:  Monday evening, August 25


6:30: Sanfratello's, 7 West State Street, Geneva (NW corner of

State St (a.k.a. Roosevelt Rd / Rt 38) and River St.

7:45: walk across the street to Riverside Receptions, site of

Saturday night's reunion.

Sanfratello's is an Italian restaurant highly regarded for their

pizza; we have a private room there.

Plan on ordering a beverage and/or your evening meal.

http://www.sanfratellosgeneva.com/  630-845-9999

Meeting Agenda:

(planners, please be prepared to share your info...)

Friday night football game

Friday night soirees - Orchard Valley and Luigi's

Saturday afternoon WAHS tour

Saturday night Geneva Riverside


Check-in (staff and nametags)



Presentations (5 minutes '67, 5 minutes '68 and 5 minutes Coach McDougal)


News & Gossip, Pix & Links - 11/05/2007

- Dave and Sue Dohren had to evacuate during the San Diego fires in October.   Nearly 60 homes in their community were destroyed but theirs survived. 

- Malcolm (Jerry) Jones let us know: "Saw Eric Halfvarson ('69) in "Tannhauser" with the San Francisco Opera.   He was GREAT.  Also had dinner with him, his wife Stephanie, and 8 month old daughter Beatrix.  Much fun.   We'll see him perform with the Los Angeles Opera in Feb/March."

- Also, Malcolm had lunch with John Armbruster's brother Jim ('65) as he was about to finish his WALK from Aurora to the Golden Gate Bridge!    What an adventure!

- "Have Internet Will Travel" should read the card of globe-trotting Marsha Fay.
Marsha, who has been working out of her home near San Diego, has just in
the past few months had fun trips to Germany & Vancouver, and is moving to
Barcelona in December, 2007. No problem for her busy advertising and marketing firm, Communi-graphics, to maintain communications with clients all over the US.  Traveling about Europe and North
Africa and picking up a few new European clients is on her "to do" list. 


News & Gossip, Pix & Links

"Our very own Class President Paul Ormond was among the first ten West Aurora High School graduates inducted as charter members into the school's new Distinguished Alumni Hall of Honor, a year ago (Nov. 4, 2006).  Click here to learn what Paul has accomplished."


News & Gossip, Pix & Links
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